Weed Mower Safety


We are concerned for your safety, but no amount of effort on our part would be sufficient unless you are concerned for yourself and others. Please read this carefully and follow everything that pertains to your rental of the weed mower.

  1. Be familiar with the area where you’re going to cut the weeds (large holes, slopes and obstacles).
  2. Cut only in daylight or in artificial light.
  3. Before cutting weeds make sure the area is clear of solid objects or debris that could be thrown or damage the machine.
  4. Do not cut when it’s raining or the grass is wet. You could slip and injure yourself.
  5. Do not operate the weed cutter without the deflectors or the shields in place.
  6. Before beginning work, check the weed cutter to make sure no damage has occurred while in transit, to the controls or safety devices. If damage has occurred contact the rental center immediately. DO NOT USE THE EQUIPMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE CONTACTED THE RENTAL CENTER!
  8. Do not allow adults to operate the weed cutter without instruction. NEVER allow children to operate a weed cutter.
  9. Keep others, especially small children and pets, at least 100 feet away from the area being mowed. Because objects can be thrown great distances, when moving over loose gravel or other debris exercise extreme care.
  10. Do not wear loose clothing that could get caught. Wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants and boots when operating a weed cutter.
  11. Stand clear of a self-propelled mower. NEVER start the mower unless you are in the area you plan to mow. DO NOT LOAD mower into a truck or trailer using ramps WITH THE MOTOR RUNNING!
  12. NEVER cut weeds by pulling the mower towards yourself. Cut across the face of a slope, not up and down. Avoid sudden stops and starts. Do not cut weeds on excessively steep slopes that you can not comfortably walk on.
  13. Never operate the weed mower under the influence of alcohol or any medication.
  14. Before handling the weed cutter or attachments in any way, TURN THE ENGINE OFF AND WAIT FOR THE BLADE TO COME TO A COMPLETE STOP! Be careful not to touch the engine parts when they are HOT. ALWAYS allow the engine to cool before refueling it.
  15. Stop the engine whenever you leave the mower even for a moment.
  16. While using a weed cutter, get in the habit of not hurrying or taking things for granted. When in doubt about equipment or the surroundings, stop the machine and take the time to check. If you still have questions, call the rental center. Make sure at all times you have 100% control of the weed cutter.
  17. NEVER, under any conditions, remove, cut, bend, weld or change the standard parts on any equipment. This includes all the shields, guards and electrical devices. A change made on your part may make the machine unsafe. Built-in safety features are effective only when maintained and kept in place.