Trencher, Ground Hog



  1. Before digging, locate and avoid all water, electrical, gas and other service lines. A CUT ELECTRICAL OR GAS LINE CAN INJURE OR KILL YOU.
  2. This tool is intended to dig in soil only. It is not designed to be used for cutting through rock, concrete, asphalt, wood, metal or any other material that is not of a soil type. Attempting to do so may result in damage to the machine and or injury to the operator or bystanders. Keep bystanders well back from the working end of the trencher.


  1. Set the CHOKE to the CHOKE position. Set the throttle about half way. Pull the recoil until the engine POPS or STARTS. Put the CHOKE to the OFF position. Pull recoil until engine fires. Let engine warm up at half throttle.
  2. Tilt the trencher back by pressing the handles down.
  3. Set depth by pulling up on depth control lever and placing handle in proper notch in depth locator.
  4. Keeping rearward pressure on the handle bars to prevent the trencher from creeping foreword, allow digging bar to lower itself into the ground. Increase engine speed if necessary.
  5. Use a "can opener" or rocking motion and work the trencher backward, moving the trencher 3" to 4" in reverse each time the digging chain is raised slightly in the trench. This method is more efficient than a steady pull.