Think Safety Before Climbing On Your Roof

Before venturing up the ladder to repair your leaking roof, worn siding, clogged rain gutters, blocked chimney, or to hang your holiday decorations, it's important to observe safety procedures.

Never feel too confident when working on your roof or climbing a ladder.

We suggest the following safety precautions when working on the roof:

*Don't walk on a roof any more than necessary; you may cause more harm than good. Stay off tile or slate roofs completely they're slippery and breakable.

*Let professionals make repairs on a steeply pitched roof, one that slopes more than 25 degrees.

*Wear loose, comfortable clothing and clean, dry rubber-soled shoes, with good ankle support.

*Work on the roof only if the weather is warm, dry and calm. *Never get on the roof when lightning threatens. *Keep children and pets away from the work area.

*Stay away from power lines.

*Avoid stepping on brittle, rotted or old roof materials.

For ladder safety, adhere to these following safety precautions:

*Always inspect your ladder for weaknesses before leaning it against the house.

*Place the ladder's base on firm, level ground, at a measured distance from the side of the house.

*Always step on the center of the ladder's rung. Use both hands to grip the rails (not the rungs). If the ladder wobbles, back down and reposition it.

*Keep your hips between the ladder rails. Never lean out to reach for something; instead, reposition the ladder.

*Make sure only one person stands on the ladder at one time.

*Install rubber safety shoes on the ladder's feet if the ladder is to stand on a slick surface.

*Never stand on the top two rungs of the ladder. At least two rungs should extend above the eaves so you can step directly onto the roof.

*Be sure the rung hooks of an extension ladder are locked in place and that no section is extended more than three-quarters of its length.

*Pull materials up a ladder with a rope and have a place to store them at the top.