Equipment for Sale

Air Scabbler, 5 Head, # 03, 04, 05

Used For Cleaning & Bush-Hammering Surfaces To Remove Scale, Rust Or Paint. For Roughening & Bush-Hammering Stone, Concrete, Etc. Also Handy For Grooving Concrete. Requires 150 CFM Or Larger Compressor. 

no image Bobcat Smooth or Tooth Buckets, Fits Model 453

Futs Model 453 Bobcats.

Carpet Steam Cleaner

Complete Carpet Cleaning Machine With High Powered Vacuum Pump To Remove Solution From Rug.  Wand Sprays Solution On The Carpet & Is Vacuumed Right Up.  An Upholstery Head Is Available.

Dual Drum Roller With New Eng
Engine Hoists # 05 and #08

ALSO CALLED "CHERRY PICKER. Used For Pulling Engines Out Of Cars, Trucks

no image Heater, Space, Kerosene

A Salamander Type Heater Used For Heating Lg. Industrial Buildings & On Construction Sites To Dry Paint, Sheetrock, Etc.  Requires Electricity.  Burns Kerosene. Due To Open Flame In Heater It Is Very Dangerous To Use Around Flammables.  

Material Lift (C02

Uses CO2 Tank Pressure To Lift Material.  Usually Used To Raise Sheetrock To Ceiling To Be Nailed.  Also Referred To As Sheetrock Hoist.  Will Lift 500# To 15' High.

Personnel Lift 30' Genie Mod. AWPA-30S

Does Not Have Self-Propelled Capabilities. Can Be Pushed Though A Standard (6' 8") Doorway Without Being Tipped Back. Can Be Loaded Into A Pickup Truck Or Van By One Person.  Max. Working Height: 36' 5".  Max. Platform Height 29' 6".  Lift Capacit....

no image Vaccums, 12 Gal.

Good For Vacuuming Water-Soaked Rugs & Flooded Construction Sites.  Can Be Used For Wet & Dry Vacuuming. 

no image Wallpaper Steamers, Warner

Unit That Develops Steam To Help With Removal Of Wallpaper.  Has Different Size Pans To Reach Different Areas Of The Wall.