Cut-All Saw, Fuel


  1. Certain cutting conditions may produce sparks. Be sure to keep area free from flammable material and wear non-flammable clothing.
  2. WEAR PROPER EYE PROTECTION!! It is also recommended that you wear proper shoes, ear protection, work clothing and non-slip gloves.
  3. Use only cutting wheels with approved RPM ratings. Inspect the wheel frequently and replace immediately if it is warped or cracked. Warped or cracked wheels may shatter or break and cause serious personal injury.
  4. NEVER attach a circular saw blade to the saw; they are not designed to cut at high RPM, and can cause serious or fatal injury.
  5. Always stop the engine before putting the saw down or carrying it. The abrasive wheel will continue to rotate after the throttle is released.
  6. When carrying the saw, grip the front handle and place the muffler away from the body. Be sure to point the blade away from your body and always protect the blade from hitting the ground or other objects. Damaged wheels may shatter and cause serious or fatal injury.
  7. Always shut off the engine and allow to cool before refueling.


  1. The engine must be switched off and the arbor blocked before mounting or removing the cutting wheel. To do this, push a pin or screw driver in the hole in the "V" belt guard. If one of the spokes is in the way, use the wrench to move it.
  2. Slacken and remove the hex nut with the combo wrench, and take it and the front thrust washer off the arbor. Before fitting the new blade on the unit, be sure that the rear thrust washer is positioned so that the notch engages over the lug on the arbor.
  3. At this point you may mount or remove the blade (this is made a little easier if the blade guard is turned so that the lower edge is vertical).


  2. Place the saw on a firm surface in an open area. Maintain good balance and secure footing. Be sure that the cutting wheel is clear of you and all other objects.
  3. Move the CHOKE lever to the CHOKE position.
  4. Move STOP switch away from the STOP position.
  5. Set the THROTTLE TRIGGER to the half-throttle position by pressing in the SAFETY-THROTTLE LOCK, THROTTLE-TRIGGER and STARTING-THROTTLE LOCK in that order. Let go of the THROTTLE-TRIGGER first, then the STARTING-THROTTLE LOCK.
  6. Hold the saw firmly on the ground with your left hand on the handle bar.
  7. Pull the starter grip slowly with your left hand until you feel the starter engage. Then give the starter rope a quick pull. (don't pull the rope out too far; the rope may break, NOTE: when the saw starts to fire move the CHOKE lever away from CHOKE position ).
  8. Pull the rope until the engine starts. Then disengage STARTING THROTTLE LOCK IMMEDIATELY by briefly squeezing the THROTTLE TRIGGER so that the engine can come down to idle speed.


  1. NEVER remove the guard; adjust the guard so that the particles of the material being cut are deflected away from the operator.
  2. NEVER operate the saw with the STARTING-THROTTLE engaged.
  3. SPARKS from cutting metal can burn or cause clothing to catch fire. Always direct sparks away from operator or flammable surroundings.
  4. Do not jam or wedge the wheel into the cut.
  5. In order to maintain a firm foothold, never work on a ladder or any other insecure support.
  6. Position your body so that it is clear of the cutting attachment.
  8. DO NOT cut above shoulder height!
  9. Begin cutting at full throttle.
  10. DO NOT use a cutting wheel that has been dropped.
  11. DO NOT grind with the side of the cutting wheel.
  12. Hold the saw firmly with both hands.