Compound Miter Saw - 10"

By The Editors At RenTrain


Safety Precautions

Preparation For operation

Locking and unlocking cutting arm in/from the down position: When transporting the saw, the cutting arm should always be locked in the down position. This can be accomplished by lowering the cutting arm and moving the locking lever to the locked position.

Before operation, unlock the cutting arm from the down position by moving the locking lever to the unlocked position.

Caution: Never carry the compound saw by the switch handle, or miter handle. This may cause misalignment. Always lift the machine by the carrying handle or the base.

Practical Applications

Switch Operation To turn the saw "ON" push in switch lock key and depress switch trigger. To turn the saw "OFF" release switch trigger. The compound saw is equipped with an automatic electric blade brake. As soon as the switch trigger is released, the electric brake is activated and stops the blade in seconds.

Caution: Always confirm that the saw blade does not contact the clamp assembly when it is lowered for cutting.

Cutting Operation

The width of the saw blade is the width of the cut. Therefore, slide the work piece to the right (viewed from the operator's position) when length (b) is desired, or to the left when length (a) is desired. Once the saw blade reaches maximum speed, push the handle down carefully until the saw blade approaches the work piece. After cutting the work piece to the desired depth, turn the trigger switch OFF and let the saw blade stop completely, before raising the handle from the work piece to return it to the initial retract position.

Caution: Increased pressure on the handle will not increase the cutting speed. On the contrary, too much pressure may result in overload of the motor and/or decreased cutting efficiency.

Miter Cutting

The compound saw will cut any miter angle from a straight 90 degree cut off to 60 degrees right and 45 degrees left.

The 10" compound saw is equipped with positive miter stops at the 0, 15, 22 1/2, 30 and 45 degrees left and 15, 22 1/2, 30, 45, 60 degrees right positions. Simply loosen miter lock knob and move the miter handle until the spring loaded engages into one of the positive stops. Then tighten the miter lock knob.

When a miter cut is required, move the saw to the desired angle. Do not stand in front of the saw table. Move with the handle to the miter angle to make the cut.

Bevel Cutting

The cutting arm of your compound saw can be tilted to cut any bevel angle from a 90 degree straight cut-off to a 45 degree left bevel angle by loosening the bevel lock handle, tilting the cutting arm to the desired angle and tightening the bevel lock handle.

Positive stops are provided to rapidly position the saw blade a 90 and 45 degrees to the table.

When a bevel cut is required, tilt the blade to the desired bevel angle. Stand to the left side of the handle to make the cut. This 10" compound saw is designed that you can set the bevel cut a 0 and 45 degrees correctly without further adjustment.

Compound Cutting

When a compound cut is required, select the correct bevel and miter position. Move with the handle to the miter angle to make the cut.