By The Editors At RenTrain





When you are feeding material into the chipper , avoid standing in places where you can get hit or caught by feeding material.

Use a pusher tool(a wooden stick)to push small material into the chipper, not your hands or feet.

If you have short pieces of wood, leaves, or twigs simply lay them on top of longer material while it is feeding into the chipper. You can also use the pusher tool.

Always stand to the side of the in-feed chute when inserting material. If you have larger diameter wood, try to feed it while smaller pieces are going through. The smaller pieces will partially open the feed-wheel, and allow the larger pieces through.

If you are feeding larger diameter wood, listen for the engine to possibly lug down. If it starts lugging down, stop the feed wheel by pushing the hydraulic control handle to neutral, and let the engine recover to full speed. This will stop the chipper from plugging the discharge pipe.

Always start the larger end (base end) of the log or branch into the feed-wheel first.
Keep the engine RPM's up whether you are chipping brush or round wood. Lower RPM's will cause weak throwing power, and can cause plugging in the discharge.


Chipper uses regular unleaded gas.

The pusher stick is not included. It must be provided by the renter.