1. Operate the backhoe from the operator's seat of the backhoe ONLY. Move to the loader seat lower seat bar and fasten the seat belt when moving the backhoe and loader.
  2. Keep feet behind the foot guards when operating the backhoe.
  3. Operate at a slow rate in an open and clear area when learning to use the backhoe.
  4. Do not allow anyone to stand within the work area when operating the backhoe.
  5. Never leave the machine with the engine running. Always lower the boom, put controls in neutral, stop the engine and set the brake before leaving the machine.
  6. Know your work area. Check for the location of underground cables, gas lines and water pipes.
  7. Check for clearance of the machine from overhead obstructions such as telephone and power lines.
  8. Check for hidden holes, drop-offs or obstacles that could be dangerous.
  9. Never operate the Bobcat loader and backhoe near an overhang or ditch.